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The art of Rose Growing

Rose Growing Tips 

Roses - The Queen of all Flowers

Roses are deservedly the most popular of flowers. There's always a huge demand for roses for weddings and functions and florists can never get enough of them.

While white roses are mostly used for weddings and bridal bouquets, red roses can also be spectacular in a bride’s bouquet. 

A gift of roses is always welcome. Valentine’s day is synonymous with red roses.  Mothers day, anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and the birth of a baby are ideal occasions for sending a gift of roses. 

Rose Growing

Of course, florists’ roses are expensive. So the trick is to be able to grow your own roses in your garden or even in containers so that you have enough for your home as well as for family and friends.

Rose growing is quite easy if your area and climate are suitable for their cultivation.

Here are a few useful rose growing tips:

  • Roses need a marked change of seasons from winter to summer. 

  • Roses need at least six hours of sunlight a day.

  • If you don’t like to use poisons in your garden there are some effective organic sprays for roses such as a concoction of garlic and soap water. Garlic planted among your rose bushes also acts as a natural deterrent against insects.

  • When growing roses in dry areas remember to mulch them with pine needles or other suitable mulching material.

  • Allow your rose bushes to grow into sturdy bushes before cutting long stems.  Resist the temptation to cut roses for the house with long stems until the bushes are strong enough.

  • Dehead roses regularly - that is remove the dead blooms so that all nutrients and vigor go into the rose bushes rather than into the making of seed heads.

But this is nothing compared to what you will get in the following rose book.

If you want to grow one or two prize rose bushes or a lovely rose garden with many different varieties, then you will want to get hold of this fund of information:

Rose Secrets Revealed - is a comprehensive guide to growing spectacular roses.

The tip on page 37 alone is worth the small price of the book;

"Learn the exact varieties to suit hot conditions or shade conditions"

And there are many more like it such as:

"90% Of Good Rose Gardening Is In The Pruning!"

But check it out for  yourself.  You'll be delighted with it.

Find out more about this comprehensive rose growing guide here:

Rose Secrets Revealed





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