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   The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting

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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis removes the mask
and reveals the real person inside.


Handwriting analysis is a wonderful hobby as well as a career that you can run from home. It's an amazing learning experience and lifts your understanding of people to a new level.

Not only will it help you to understand the people nearest and dearest to you, you will also be able to see into the characters of those not so dear to you!

Handwriting analysis will help you to see the people you thought you knew in a completely different light.

Family members, friends and even business competitors or rivals are easier to understand.  What a win! 

We've all come across people who hide behind a facade of pretence and whose real personalities are completely camouflaged. With handwriting analysis you can remove the mask in minutes.  

When you study someone's handwriting you are not only looking at the written page.  You are delving into a real live person's feelings, motives and behaviour.  

Of course, not to be overlooked is the actual learning experience itself.  The subject matter is totally fascinating.  

Handwritings of the Rich and Famous

You can collect the handwriting samples of the rich and famous, of historical characters or of your own ancestors.  From their handwritings alone you'll be able to discover so much about their personalities that it will amaze you.  

You can examine the handwritings of people from presidents, royalty and modern day celebrities to politicians and film stars.  You can even delve into the personalities of serial killers like Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer.  

And then there’s the Jonbenet Ramsey case where you can compare the handwritings of those now famous handwritings. The possibilities are endless. 

No wonder so many people get hooked on the study! It gives you a whole new way of looking into the personalities and characters of all kinds of people.


Sandra Fisher is a handwriting analyst whose informative website at http://www.graphicinsight.co.za will take you on an adventure of the mind. Find out how handwriting analysis can add new interest to your life. Her downloadable book, “The Hidden Meaning of Handwriting” will open new doors for you.







Writing      Needlework       Paper Craft       Gardening      Selling Crafts      Games        Movies